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I immediately thought of the free printables that lots of people seem to be making and featuring on their blogs. Almost all of the ones I've seen look pretty dang great! Also, a good place to see them- I think, anyways- is on Pinterest. Do a search for 'free printables' or 'free project life printable' or you get the idear. A few people have created some nice boards of the best sets.

You could also design your own, if you're good with computers. You don't even need Photoshop! I don't do PL, but a coworker likes it- and I've 'designed' a few cards for her, while at work, using Microsoft Publisher! Draw a box for the size you want, drop in some clip art- like graphs, ledger lines, whatever. I even made some cool calendar cards, this way, where you can circle the date and there's room for some journalling.

I had so much fun 'playing famous scrap designer' with Publisher that I decided I would learn some 'real' designing software and downloaded the free graphics program, INKSCAPE. It took playing around with it for a bit and two youtube tutorials, but in no time, I was making some (in my tiny opinion) [email protected]$$ journal cards.

If that's too time consuming, think about the APPS on your phone! There are a few nice apps that could be used to make PL cards- look for ones that can add text to pics. Instead of using a picture of your foot or whatever as the background, save a plain color or public doman image as a 'photo' in your camera roll (I'm going with iPhone stuff right here, since that's what I know). Then, open the image in the APP and add some text in a nifty font- use an app to crop it a specific size and print it out.

If you want to get started without putting out money for divided page protectors- cuz if I was unsure about it, I would want to PLAY first- just draw lines on a 12x12 (or whatever size you wanna do) piece of cardstock and glue everything to its place in this 'graph' and put the entire page into a 12x12 protector that you already have...

I've also seen the Project Life people making planners and organizing their supplies in specific ways- so don't forget that might help, too. And remember that Dollar Tree sells lots of little plastic bins- you could keep your cards in one, photos in another, whatever.

I'm not a lady, so if anything I posted here helps, feel free to thank me.

-kory k

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