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I'm confused. How do you register for a challenge? I uploaded an image last night for a challenge thread that was started earlier in the month, and I didn't see any boxes to check.

Jen -

The challenge has to be issued through this area of the gallery in order for your projects to link through. Because the format change happened mid-month, the current forum challenges aren't listed here.

I'll be moving my April challenges here as soon as I get some clarification from Kels about how to move the "multi-play" monochrome and sketch challenge. The rest of them are coming over here this morning.

Once that happens, I'm going to ask my girls to join them in this area, edit their images, and right above the "allow embed" code to click the radio boxes to link their images into the challenge.

It's an AWESOME change for challenge hostess. No more front page updating. It'll all be handled by the site itself! I'm EXCITED!

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