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Challenge Specs

It's APRIL and the month of Fool's Day and foolish fun, so let's play our first wild card this month. FOUR letters for April mean that you get to choose TWO options from ONE category. Let's see if that doesn't stir the creative pot!

Color (Other colors are fine to add to your project, but make sure that you do not use more than one of the color choices for this month. Exception: if you use your wild card option for this category, you can select two of these colors, but no more.)
G - Grape

H - Heliotrope

I - Iceberg

J - Jade

Word - Topic
G - Girlfriends
H - Home
I - If Only...
J - Just In Case...

Product - Technique - Tool
G - Glossy Cardstock
H - Heat Embossing
I - Image Transfer Technique
J - Jute

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