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I'd look at some of the tabs at the top of this site and check out Videos and Resources, or watch some YouTube videos. If you put Cuttlebug or any of the other machines into search, you'll find tons of tips. Some of the "instructors" have voices that grate on the ears or don't seem to know much of anything, but there are also some really good ones and once you find them, start following their videos.

I always end out wanting to do different techniques and start playing after I watch some of them. You can also get good answers for "what is embossing", etc. Hint—There is dry embossing and heat embossing, but both give a raised design to the paper and both are fun to do. There are so many fun techniques...don't get discouraged because you don't know all of them...none of us did at the beginning and I doubt that anyone is an expert in every technique. You'll discover the techniques you enjoy and maybe try some new ones once in a while, but you'll have some that you tend to fall back on and that's OK.

Also try not to get discouraged by the gallery, and it can be hard not to feel like you'll never be as good...and you may not be. Many of the LOs are digital or professionally done. But find your style and then just have fun with it. Although I enjoy looking at some of the "gorgeous" designs, they're not something I have any desire to do...they're just not me. If gorgeous is what you're striving for, then you can do it...just take baby steps.~Judy

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