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  • Jill on 04-30-13 04:14 PM

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Welcome to Week #1 everyone. I'm so excited to get going and happy you're joining in. You are our flagship group for this new class so I'll be close by to make sure we have smooth sailing.

We have made a new Excel Version and printable version of the Space Assessment Handout. The Excel version is on the first page of the Week #1 material. Look for the link that says 'Excel Version.' You can click that link, and the handout will instantly download into your downloads area on your computer.

Following is the link to the new seven page printable version with larger spaces for notes:

Good luck with your layouts and Space Assessment Handouts this week. This is the most revealing week of our adventure. Please feel free to post about your discoveries if you're comfortable doing so. You can also share the layout you created here and/or your "before" photo here.

I'd love to know where you're from.

I'm from Mesa, Arizona, USA.

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