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Oooh I just found this forum! YAY!

I'm from McKinney, TX.

I'm so excited about the class. I'll be moving at the end of May into a house where I'll have an ACTUAL studio. Right now I'm on tables in my living room. The timing is perfect because I haven't bought anything for the new space yet. Now I can actually PLAN my space with much more knowledge of my process and my stash

I've just finished reading through the first lesson and I'm excited to get started, hopefully tonight. One thing I realized as I was reading through the "What DIDN'T work" sections is that my biggest hot mess is the debris that is left over from a project (or 3). I have lots of table space and I end up covering all of it, mostly with paper that I didn't end up using or the scraps that are left. When I peel a cut off my cricut mat, the remnants get tossed aside onto the table to be dealt with later.

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