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LOL, Judy!!

Checking in from San Francisco. Real estate being what it is here, and most apartments under rent control, my husband and I are in a small apartment where we've been for several years, and we both have multiple hobbies, interests, collections, toys, etc. Seems like I am constantly getting new stuff, rearranging and reorganizing, purging things I don't want or need any more. Container Store and Ikea are two of my favorite places.

I scrap in the living room by setting up a big folding table, or occasionally by pulling out a small rolling cabinet that sits under a table, sitting on the floor and just scrapping on top of it. I have deposits of scrappy supplies distributed throughout cabinets and a couple of closets, so a 'before' pic would have to be a collage And it doesn't help that they're replacing the big picture windows in the kitchen and living room so we've got the rug rolled up and cabinets and furniture all out of place!!

I've put a lot of thought into what works and what doesn't, and why, but it's quite a challenge given the absolute space limitations. Haven't worked on my assignment yet (my 'real' work has gotten very intense lately), but this weekend I'll be doing a lot of scrapping for NSD so it'll happen then

Very excited to have an organized process to think through all this!!

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