Username Post: Get Organized Week 1: Space Assessment
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Hi - I'm from San Antonio, TX and am lucky enough to have a studio and it's a very large room 20x15 but in addition to scrapping, I also quilt and crochet with tons of yarn, lots of fabric so organization is a must. Hence I signed up right away for this class. I do think that I am organized, it's in my nature because of my job. I force myself to go to my used paper storage area whenever starting a new project it's not what I want to do but I found that I was putting scrap paper in my storage area and it matched what I had in there already, so now I'm a purist about making sure that I check out my used stuff 1st. My current problem is varing weights of paper and it's all gotten thrown in together, so I'll be clearing that up this weekend but I have run out of space for my paper some is in a shelving system (packed to the gills) and some paper in drawers - hence it's not organized. I also tend to forget about my wooden stamps because they are in a drawer, I go to my clear stamps all the time but constantly 4-get about my wooden stamps. Looking so forward to this class.

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