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Oh dear. I'm the red-headed step-sister from across the pond in the UK's beautiful west country. OK, not completely red-headed, just a bit ginger-ish.

I have a WHOLE CORNER of our study/ computer/ music/ treatment room for my scrap stuff. I have a generous IKEA corner desk, with a drawer unit underneath and 6 shelves above. Good, fat shelves. My albums and some papers live on the bottom shelf of the bookcase behind me. My papers and card-stock live in magazine boxes on the floor in front of the bookcase. My other crafting stuff (sewing machine, projects not begun yet, water-colour and acrylic painting) live under the desk with the waste bin and the recycling bag.

I'm still reading through all the contents of the first e-mail, but I've worked out that I need to do a LO and highlight all the areas that don't work properly.

And the biggest area that doesn't work properly is the pile of unfinished LOs (no deadline or deadline passed) which have to be kept flat.

I think I'm going to start a new album in my Gallery just for this project, because I sense a few photos coming up...

Thanks for doing this Jill!

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