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This is my routine that I do every Tuesday (except I had to do an extra round today, just for this awesome challenge. lol!):

ETA: I just saw that the process should be described in 2-3 sentences and not like I did below.

Well here's a couple of sentences:

"Transfer photos from camera to computer and back up. Send to print and sort by theme in an album."

1. Transfer the photos from camera to computer.

2. Sort the photos by event/theme (Project Life, wedding, Easter, etc.) into folders. Add the date to the folders.

3. Go through each folder with Adobe Bridge and delete the ones I don't want to keep. Process the ones I want to print (contrast, light, color, etc.)

4. Upload the folders to Picasa for back up, and also copy them to our big local back up hard drive here at home (I like to have back up both at home and online to make sure that my photos will be there no matter what disaster may hit. lol!)

5. Upload the ones I want to print to my online print service (usually Fujifilm, as they are the only ones in Sweden that will print Instagram pics)

6. When I get the prints, I put them in photo pockets in a plain photo album, to be scrapped. Those albums are sorted by theme (Christmas, wedding, heritage, nieces, etc.). When I want to scrap, I can choose photos from those albums.


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