Username Post: Get it Together ALL DAY Challenge (NSD 2013)
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I organize my photos as I take them off my camera's memory card. I still had photos from Easter, two nephew birthday parties, a weekend trip, and lots of random dog, weather, trees/spring flowers and food pictures ... 121 to organize!!

I move them from the camera memory card to a folder on my computer "2013," under "Pictures." I then quickly go through each photo and copy any photo I think I want to print to a folder called "Copies To Print." When I get ready to start sketching my layouts, I pull from those photos.

After I copy the ones I want to print, I go back to the 2013 folder where all the picture files are, then make folders like "Reed Bday 4 6 13" so I know WHAT the event was, and the date. I move all those pictures into that folder. I keep making folders, or adding photos to established folders, like "dogs" that I will add to all year.

In short, I keep all my photos by year, then event, with a copy that I can work with to print later, in a separate folder. My system has worked for me for 15 years, and I love it!!

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