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I decided to make my daughters scrap albums this year to give to them for Christmas. Way back when they were born in the 80s i stuck them in the old photo albums with the glue sheets and clear plastic cover. I did write the dates and events on each page of photos. I have 3 of these albums I am going through and placing the photos in a box. I labeled each index tab, I cut these dividers on my Cricut to a 5x7. I have the tabs labeled for each girl and events. ie.
Brooke - New Born
Tammy - Newborn
B - 1-6 months
T - 1-6 months
B - 7- 12 months
T - 7- 12 months
Brooke's 1st Birthday
Tammy's First Birthday
Brooke's 1st Christmas
Tammy's First Christmas
B - Toddler
T - Toddler
B - Elem School
T - Elem School
B - Middle School
T - Middle School
B - HS
T - HS
B - College
T - College
Girl Scouts
GS Projects
GS Trip Carowinds
GS Trip - Space Center
GS 6 Flags Camp
I used the left tabs for Brooke and wrote in blue, I used the right tabs for Tammy and wrote in pink
The middle tabs are for their together photos as in holidays etc written in green.

At least now I finally have all those photos out of those books, some have already turned yellowish, so I got to save most of them.

I also have a box of mixed photos that I am working on entering them into the files. I guess I have about 300 photos now organized and safe keeping. It went pretty fast since the majority of the photos were in order from birth through the toddler years.

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