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thanks for the links.......but i was trying to enter the thing where you have to link three like items from the superstore and you can win those items from random drawings throughout the day...but it is too late now...had to be done by 9 am...PT I never did figure it mine is a mess I have two entries of one thing each...never could figure out the directions. Obviously!

This is all just too much for me makes me feel stupid and then I get angry, then weepy.....soooooo not a good thing for me to try. All of this drama is new to me...I was never like this until recently. I am thinking that this constant trying to keep up with people my chilrens ages is finally wearing me down. It's really just too hard......I am not used to this kind of work situation, or actually life situation.....Many of you may know what I mean, but I think you have to be older to "get it"! It's the first time in my life where I really can't keep up, am not learning quickly, and feel out of it a lot of the time....the music they talk about, the shows they watch.....and the books they read.....Nothing like what we all talk about....and it becomes sort of tiresome after awhile, and then it's always this glaring picture of how I am aging......and I guess I am not liking it much. So then to come home and not be able to figure out this stupid Scrapbook Day thing just pushed me over the edge. You know...I never could figure it out before either, but it didn't bother me! One thing I want to know......WHEN did I turn into my Mother!!

Betsey: I get what you are talking about... I'm shocked at how much less my nervous system/brain can handle nowadays. I've been trying to explain it to my daughter but she won't "get it" for about 30-35 more years. I told her for now she's just going to have to trust me when I say I can't or won't do something.

another thing is I can't associate to programs/magazines anymore because I'm not young. I miss that.

Oh; and I wish I was rich enough to send you $65 a month.. I would you know.

Oh Diana, you are so sweet.......but It's not the $65 a month I am needing.........I appreciate the thought, and I know you would!!!! I just find it so funny that a "retirement" check could be that small. It just makes me laugh everytime I think about it. If I really can't make it for another year and a half, I will not worry about it...that's for sure. I keep thinking that what I know to be true will happen at some point....I believe that if you keep doing the right things, the right things will happen .................just maybe not the moment you need it or expect it! LOL

I am happy to know, that I am not alone in this "old age" thing! I am sure that it is magnified only in my mind, and that others are really not aware....and I know for a fact that my kids, still all think I am 55! LOL I do know, that my children are not unique however, and it seems that they really don't understand the changes that take place because they are very's a bunch of little things that one day you realize you just are not who you used to be! LOL For the most part, I am truly grateful and lucky that I do all that I do.......I see people my age that are really, really old....and believe me I am not unaware that things could be so much worse. It's just that sometimes I have to just vent, to someone, and I guess you guys are about it!

I am finding that my sister is one of the ones that really does not get it? She is 64, still very busy, teaching school, etc......and able to do most things she has always done. She cannot ride her bike like she used to, but that is from and injury, not her condition or age. So, when I say to her.......I don't know how I will do on this very long flight to her house....two transfers etc...lots of airport walking, she just chuckles.....and says, "Oh you will be fine"!!!! I just flew there in 2009 and trust me had a hard enough time's now four years later, and I am fully aware of my changes....and I know this will be a long, flight! But I am going to do it because I don't know when else I will get to see her and her new (and only) baby grandson! He is my great-nephew, and I would love to see him, even if it is only once !!!! He is so precious.

Anyway........Thanks for your sweet thoughts......much appreciated. You made me smile, this early in the morning. Thanks!!!!

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