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Good morning!

Ann- I was glad to know that i wasn't the only grouchy wife having to cook AND clean up.
I have trouble deciding what papers to use for many los. Other times I know exactly what I'm going for. LOL I'm lucky to have 2 paper tray towers for my papers. I bought one for $70 when a LSS closed. Casey also bought one and is lending it to me....for years and years. I hope I never have to give it back. LOL I also have a rolling cart I got at Sam's years ago.

Betsey-Maybe you should request a wheel chair for your trip. If it will make the trip more enjoyable request one.

I hate to think of flying out to Oregon. So I won't think about it.

I was expecting baby news. drat! Praying all is going well.

JOJO does Hannah come home tonight?

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