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  • Tishd on 05-05-13 06:18 AM

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Cathe, I was also going to suggest one of those motorized cars for Betsey at the airport. The ones where someone will drive you to the next terminal.

When and if I fly (it has been about four years), I like a ticket that will have as few stops as possible, but most of the time those are not the cheapest tickets. I myself love walking, but for the past few months, to much walking really bothers my sciatic nerve. When I put pressure on one side just so, my back and sciatic nerve kill!

Tomorrow we leave for the Casino....I get this little sickly feeling inside, I don't want to go, I don't want to go, but I am doing it for Allen. I told him to take his friend Loyal, and he said he wanted to take me. (How sweet huh?) Anyway, we are doing something different. We are going to spend one night at MGM (free night), then we have to check out of there and go over to Foxwoods (same property). This is the only way we could get the two free nights! sigh. We will have like a four hour time slot between checking out of MGM and into Foxwoods, so Allen suggested we drive over to Mohegan Sun for awhile. Lots of moving for me!!!!! When I get someplace, I want to unpack and stay awhile! LOL

It looks to be a nice day here......

Cathe, Char, Ann and Jojotell you husbands to get take out today, you are not cooking! LOL

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