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I currently have a 1-cube Expedit (the wall shelf which I put on the floor in the corner next to me) with one box and all my papers and cardstock inside (as seen on the left on the pic of my scrap space).

The problems are:
- the box is really heavy, so either I take it completely out to grab the paper (and then it stays next to the cube, on the floor), or I take it out as much as possible to grab paper without damaging it (doesn't always work). At the moment the box sits next to the cube which bothers me (I bought the cube afterwards so that the box wouldn't be out in the open) and it's right behind my chair so I keep rolling back into it.
- the box is only half full (I don't have that much paper/cardstock) and the thinner packs are "bent" because they have too much space. I put most of my pp in a plastic bag, that stack is big enough not to bend, but the rest does, especially when the paper is thin.
- the other half of the box is mostly empty: only my 2 AC knock outs value kits to avoid the papers sliding and bending too much, but I would prefer to have them with my other punches.

I thought about removing the box entirely and use the Cropper Hopper system instead (easier to take out one holder/pouch at a time), but I have some questions.
- Do the holders/pouches go into an Expedit cube? I think I read somewhere that they were a bit too high and had to be cut a little.
- Can you use only the pouches with dividers, or do the pouches have to be in a paper holder so they hold better? I thought of buying a value pack with 1 holder and 4 pouches, that should be enough for everything (I have about 120 cardstock and 250 patterned papers). I would put my cardstock and Christmas paper in the holder, and divide the patterned paper into the pouches (by brand). Or just use pouches for everything.

What do you think?

Thanks a lot for your feedback

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