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Weekly Tips:

Each or every other week, I'll try my best to include something fun or inspirational towards our challenge!

This week to begin, I'll think I'll start with a motivational/organization al tip!

Tip - Grab It & Go! Consider setting up a home for your project. When not in use, keep it in a cloth/fabric/eco-friendly shopping bag, a scrap caddy, a plastic artbin, etc. (i.e. something that is portable).

Be sure to go ahead and stock your bag, box or bin with extra art supplies that you can be sure to use when away from home (journaling pens, inks, stamps, tabs, stickers, paperclips, adhesive, etc!)

When going portable, consider using a zipper, pouch pencil case, makeup bag or plastic school case to contain all of your writing pens, small tools, clips or post-its.

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