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1. Kelly (KellyCali)

Currently, I have the black Mod Book.

Couldn't resist, made a trip to Target over the weekend & also picked up the pink Pretty Style, as well as the green 365 collection.

Update! I'm going to attempt to complete 2 books.

- Black Mod Style = Retro/Housewife/Day in the Life
- Pink Pretty Style = Vintage Love/Inspiration

Photo of the covers of the 2 books that I am working on, as well as a couple of my completed pages so far.

I may or may not add a couple of small touches to them.


{K&Company Smash*} By KellyCali

{Glamour Girls *Project Smash*} By KellyCali

{Days To Remember *Project Smash*} By KellyCali

{Mademoiselle *Project Smash*} By KellyCali

] {Cake} By KellyCali

{Aunt Margaret} By KellyCali

{A Few of My Favorite Things} By KellyCali

{Keep Calm & Be Vintage} By KellyCali

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