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2. Donna (DittoBabyGirl)

I'd like to play!

I just started my first Smash Book

My topic is a Book of Me

Figured I'd drop off some pages that I already made.

Heres the intro-nothing special-just some journaling

Smash Book Page 1 and 2 By DittoBabyGirl

Just me...

Smash Book Page 3 and 4 By DittoBabyGirl

My new tattoos and some fun pics...

Smash Book Page 5 and 6 By DittoBabyGirl

Dropping off 2 more (well 4 actually) that I did last week. I only get to scrap on Sundays so this will be the last for a few days

Smashbook Page 7 and 8 By DittoBabyGirl

Smashbook Page 9 and 10 By DittoBabyGirl

Hi guys!

Just stopping in to drop off what I just finished.

Pages 13 and 14 By DittoBabyGirl

Hey ladies!

Got these 2 done today.

Pages 15 and 16 By DittoBabyGirl

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