Username Post: Which album should I switch to??
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CM got to be too expensive, but I found HL carries strap hinge albums in their Paper Studio brand. The refills fit CM albums too. The albums aren't as sturdy, but it was more cost effective for me, and I still use those. I wonder though, with the CM change how much longer those will be available...

I too discovered the strap hinge albums at Hobby Lobby and quite by accident. My CM consultant had left the business and I needed page protectors. I just googled "strap hinge page protectors" and found the hobby lobby opportunity. The page protectors were great so i plan to continue with the strap hinge via hobby lobby as long as I can. I have too many refill pages to switch up now. But...I share the same fears! Will these be discontinued too. OR hopefully a new increased demand will keep them going!

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