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Betsey - My daughter says that her science teacher say that the idea of what happens on that show is a VERY real possibility. My daughter did say that the electricity going flickering is caused from small asteroids in the atmosphere interfering with electricity (according to her teacher). I have not watched the show but Priscilla does and loves it.

I find it Fascinating and I suspect it is probably more real than any of us would like to admit. I was just amazed at the way they showed the U.S. land marks and how they would look in 15 years with no electric, no nothing.....the photography in this show is truly amazing. When they pased the big baseball field in Chicago, you saw the name on the front, like it is today, but that was the only thing recognizable......weeds, no roads, trees growing up through a wall, just wonderful photo stuff. really did justify what my friend George and I talk about frequently.......he believes this could happen in our lifetime, I am not so sure about that.....but its definitely something that is possible and likely if we don't start fixing what we already have and updating this stuff.

All I can think of is "Nero fiddled while Rome burned"!!!!! Which describes these idiot politicians today who cannot vote and agree on the simplist of things. Anyway.....It really is a fascinating show!

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