Username Post: July VLB- Summer Is In Full Swing!
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Welcome to the VLB (VERY LAID BACK CHALLENGE) -- July 2013 Edition.

Our fabulous hostess Eileen has a crazy-busy month ahead of her, so I am filling in as hostess this month. Don't worry, I don't bite! Much...

Please read this entire post before you sign up.

For anyone new to this challenge, here's the idea: So many of us crave all the lovin' our neighbors leave when we do challenges, but sometimes we just want to create layouts and projects that have nothing to do with challenges (and still get some love!). Well, for this challenge, you can just create pages and other projects and link them here. You can follow my weekly challenges, but it's not a requirement. Basically, anything goes!

Here's the one and only catch: YOU HAVE TO LEAVE COMMENTS ON THE OTHER PARTICIPANTS' LAYOUTS AND PROJECTS. So, if you sign up, you are committing yourself to leaving comments as well as receiving them. To keep this from becoming an overwhelming task, I'm restricting the number of players to 30 or so. This is not a one entry challenge. This is a month long commitment to post ALL your work and check out everyone else's. Please post projects only from this month. And please be aware that we can be REALLY CHATTY on this thread and the posts can add up really fast.

Also -- I'd love to learn everyone's first name --if it's not in your siggy could you please tell us!

Every weekend I will try my best to post a new challenge!


Week One: It's July, so the first challenge is obvious! Use red, white, and blue on a layout!
Week Two:
Week Three:
Week Four:


1. byondbzr
2. ncyankee (I'm sure she'll be peeking in!)
3. AuntyT
4. MelissaW
5. Pookahbot
6. scrapperbee
7. mindyradio
8. Twinlets Mama
9. godschild94
10. Henri Jean
11. Tena E.
12. Claggy
13. OlesyaK
14. LesleyC
15. Heather N
16. raining
17. Bubblegirl
18. lcmemories
19. jazzescrapper
20. autumngold
21. AllAmy
22. dancinirish90
23. julie101
24. lpeeps
25. YourScrapAttack

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