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Hi everyone, my name is Danielle and im new to the site! I don't actually scrapbook but i do custom trading cards (mainly hockey) and i've noticed that what i do is a lot scrap booking (same materials and stuff)

I work with 200 lb cardstock at the thinnest and have it layered up to 4 pieces thick sometimes to house the patch pieces i use in them. I use a Ginghers rotary cutter and a ruler but am hoping to get advice as to how to solve my slanted edges..

The problem im having is when i use my ruler and rotary cutter i always cut slanted rather than straight giving it a side ways edge rather than a clean straight look.

This is what i want to achieve (My design but had someone else build it) :

The edges around the card are so clean and nice but mine end up slanted.

Any help would be truly appreciated!!!

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