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No, I will never be a picker, I am too dainty! LOL, not really. Allen is a true picker. He gets into some of the dirtiest old barns. He stops at sales, gets to talking with the person running it and sometimes talks them into looking at things they never thought of selling.

Well I love old stuff, but like you said, I want it cleaned and ready for me to use! Allen was outside washing old milk bottles yesterday!

Oh I guess I am spoiled Betsey. I love going into the antique malls, but of course all is organized, and clean in those places or behind glass!

You and Allen would make millions together! LOL

And thank God for all of the people like you. If not for that, there would be no need for people like Allen, Diana and Me.....and yes, in this case Me is the right word! LOL

I started out digging in barns because I had no money to spend on the stuff I loved and I loved having it in my house. To the best of my memory, in all the years, since Karen was about 7 or 8, I have bought, and sold, bought and used in my house, then sold, and have never, ever lost money on anything. I have, however, early on, while I was still learning, sold things for too little money......but never for less than I paid. I have given a lot of stuff away, mostly to Karen...who is really the only one of my kids/grandkids who likes old rusty junk!

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