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Good morning!!

I have been up since 7:30. Karyol and I went and picked up Magoo and took him to my parents' house. They are returning today from Branson and have been gone a week. They went to plays, music shows and played mini-golf. I am sure they went shopping too. Karyol took me out for breakfast after that and then to walmart for a few things like toilet paper, shampoo and my Skinny Cows. My knee is quite a bit better today but still supposed to be easy on it for another week. I think since it is pouring rain here I will probably crochet and/or digi scrap.

Betsey and Char - Thank you for trying to get a trip figured out for us all. My only problem is that I hope you have the date of our trip figured out by December because I have to put down any vacation time for next year at that time.

Di - How nice for Dale to WANT to paint!! Your house is going to look great with everything you are doing to it.

Tish - I would not be a good picker either!!

Josie - Glad your MIL decide to join you all. At least you had a 3 hour warning that Kari's inlaws were on their way for supper.

Cheryl......I am sure that after char returns from her trip, and after school starts we will have a plan and a date. It will not take long, we are shooting for October that one she told us about was perfect if its still available. At that price it may not be. It left from New Orleans which fits right into our plan. It really would be fun to be there two days before or two days after for just touring New Orleans, eating that wonderful food.....Don't forget, one of the Paula Deen restaurants is there, along with Emeril's, and I forget the rest. I would have to stay a month to eat everywhere I want to eat, and shop and see every thing I want to see. LOL

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