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Betsey, Allen does not plan on losing money either. He always knows what he buys, he will sell. He actually picks for a few people. He knows what they like. I am always hearing....I paid such and such for an item and made so much!

Oh, I know you were not suggesting we all take the Alaskan Cruise together. I guess I was saying, but I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. I was saying an Alaskan Cruise is the only Cruise I could ever convince him to go on again if we were to cruise together.

He really wasn't crazy over the two cruises we took. I think it is because he is not a person to sit around, lay by pools or on the beach! I love the variety of food on the cruise ships!

Yes but there is gambling all day and all night he should have been occupied....there are all kinds of things to do on board ship. Movies, classes, how could anyone be bored just sitting around???? Hmmmmmmm

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