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I don't see that you did anything to cause any of that....stuff happens!!!!! All you need is a chair without a can be any kind of plop it in the garden, and put a pot in it. with annuals, perennials or whatever you want.....! In the fall you will have to take yours in, like Susan does. I can leave mine out all year around. Of course then my stuff doesn't last as long. This chair thing has really turned into a project for you hasn't it. Maybe you need to just forget the whole thing, and wait for a chair to appear....that will happen, when you least expect it. You will walk into a thrift store or someplace and there will be the perfect chair, for $5 or less....and there ya go. There are all kinds of chairs that work, look at Susans garden again, there must be 20 different chairs with plants growing out of them.

Tish......I am concerned about all of your really do need to find out what's going on. Too many falls for it to be coincidence I am thinking. Make a doctors appointment with a doctor that will not just tell you what you want to hear...and then you have to tell them about your falls. It could be a simple inner ear issue. You really do need to do that.

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