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My garage is clean...well cleaner!!!!! It makes me feel better just going out there. I fixed dinner for Amanda and James.....(and me, of course) I was not crazy about the's ok, and it is easy, it's like having a loaded baked potato sort of. It was good, but not great!!!!! I probably will not fix it again unless of course James LOVES it! LOL

I changed the table cloth in my kitchen, I have a page ready to be glued.......(Not for any challenge)......I am going out to lunch on Monday with the work girls.....and Tuesday will be my eye doc appt. I really need a haircut too. AGAIN......It has not even been four weeks since the last one......!!!!!

I am ready to get in the shower, and chill for the night. I feel like I still need to eat dinner......hmmmmmmmm something wrong with that picture!!!!! LOL

Hope everyone had a good Saturday......this is still Saturday isn't it????? That's one good thing for going back to work, I always know what day it is......Sure have not known in the past 3 weeks, that's for sure. Hahahahaha! I hope Cathe is having a good time......and Char is packed and ready to go...!

Those little girls, have a really nice life.....they are lucky to have the grandparents they have....I hope they know it! Imagine....vacationing in Hawaii twice in one year......what fun.

I hope all four of them have a great time!

Diana, you and I seem to be cleaning and sorting and cleaning and moving stuff. I am not painting, but I have done some touch up work.......LOL

Cheryl.....hope you got to go out to dinner....sounds divine!

My cable system is a mess today. The on Screen guide is not working, so the thing at the bottom of the screen that tells you what you are watching, is not working.......I have no clue what is on, what about to be on, or what I may have missed. Boy am I ever dependent on that on screen guide thingie. All that comes up is data unavailable. for all 300 channels....I would say it's a big problem myself. It's been like this most of the I have no idea what I am going to watch tonight....It will all be a surprise!!!!!! LOL

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