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Cheryl....this is all very interesting. Let me ask another question. If all this is true......and there are no passwords or such, why then are you the only one that can post things on the first page???? I and I know Tish, always thought that one had to have some kind of password or something once a thread was started as the hostess was the only one who could post anything on that first page. So this is also not true????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! Imagine that! When Tish gets back I am sure she will confirm what I have said......I have to tell you that I offered once to do that, for our previous hostess, so she could go someplace, on some trip as I recall, and she said it was too complicated to explain and I believe she also told Tish the same thing. It was something about passwords etc. So none of this is true, and why am I not surprised.......I just know that I always got the impression that it was complicated and a big deal. Interesting!!!!! isn't it??????

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