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Good morning to everyone, I guess we have not moved yet......but I am no longer worried about the entire process........good grief!!!!! Can't believe all this time I have thought that it was! Shame on Me!!!!!!

It's a beautiful sky, everything is damp from all the rain yesterday....a perfect morning to go out and weed. And trim the rest of my shrubs.

As for my yard. It is just a normal back yard about 75ft x 50 ft but it has beds all the way around the perimeter, and another around the patio and one long bed in the middle of the yard. This is where my only tree is. The yard is fenced with two gates that to to the alley. So I guess it's not big but a lot of work. Since Jeff started used that mulching blade, it blows grass into the beds and those are the kind of weeds I have.....that kind of grass that roots go to China, they are white, and longggggg! I use roundup in places where I along the fence in the alley, but it only works for a little while and then it's all back again. It would require almost daily maintenance which is what I used to do.....every morning out with coffee and pulled grass/weeds out of some area of the yard. I truly now understand why old people have no beds and the grass just grows up to the house. When I first moved down here, I could not understand why people did nothing to their yards and just had grass not a shrub or anything. Now I understand I think!

My front is much easier.....only shrubs across the front of the house and a small bed around the pad by the front door and driveway. Florida yards require a ton of maintenance. My neighbor has his down to a fine job, but he is out almost everyday doing something.

Coffee is ready......I have slept late again, boy I am going to have real trouble getting used to the work schedule!!!! Whew!!!!

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