Username Post: Total loss of mojo....
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I have scrapbooked off and on since I was in high school (late 90's) and I've went through periods where I was very active and others where I was not. I know that is normal, but over the weekend I had a very sad discovery... I realized that I think it might be time to give it up for good. It makes me sad to be around my supplies. I have three gift albums in progress, and it drove me to tears to even think about working on them. I feel like there is no point; I don't do anything that is worth scrapbooking (seriously, my bf and I are pretty much hermits and we're ok with that) and furthermore I have no family and no kids so it just seems like spending a lot of effort on something that will be thrown away someday. I don't really know why I'm posting about this, maybe someone else has gotten to the same point and come back from it. Has anyone been this far down the lost mojo road?

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