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I seriously believe my daughter-in-law is bi-polar and she gets out of control sometimes. This was one of those times. It was really really bad.

They need to see how much Jerry Springer pays because these people would be the perfect guests.

My daughter-in-law actually got mad at her mother over past family problems in their family and punched her mother in the face on the Disney ferry after a spectacle screamfest at each other. Her mother's face started immediately bruising and swelling.

My son does not behave like that and was horrified. Fortunately it was very late and the 2-year old slept through it.

My son called me at midnight all upset and said he had put his wife and mother-in-law in the parking lot about 500 feet apart waiting for a cab for his mother-in-law because she would not get in the car with her daughter.

Said he had also booked a hotel for his mother-in-law in Orlando and wouldn't be home until he knew she was safely in the hotel. Said his mother-in-law was going to take a flight back to Florida the next day and would not be coming back to our house with them.

Really crazy. We don't have this in our family and I don't understand it.

John checked on his mother-in-law in the morning and again to make sure she got her flight home safely. Then he went to visit her when he got back to Georgia and told her he was very sorry for his wife's behavior.

His wife and mother still aren't speaking but my son takes the granddaughter to see the grandmother regularly and is trying to work things out between her and her daughter.

The daughter (my son's wife) has agreed to get a medical evaluation and take whatever meds they think she needs because something is seriously wrong.

My son loves his wife very much and wants her to get help so they can get on to a happy marriage.

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