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It is bad. When the daughter-in-law is on an even keel she is a lovely person but she seriously needs counseling and meds.

Earlier this year they couple was visiting my ex-husband and his wife. He knew something was really wrong with her. He used to be a California Assemblyman and was able to pull a really detailed background check including things that had been removed.

He got back a report that said she had been arrested for domestic violence charges in 4 states although they charges had been dropped in 3 of the states. One was still outstanding in South Carolina.

I just want to see her get help. She texts pictures of our granddaughter to me several times every week - texts me to see how I'm doing, she keeps in touch but when she has one of her mood swings its is a problem.

My son has a Delorean which he doesn't drive all the time. She has a current car and an older one and he often drives her older car to work.

Sometimes she just calls him at work at tells him to come home now - she is tired and wants him to watch the baby so he can sleep.

When he tells her he is working and can't come home she gets mad and tells him that he is driving her car and if he doesn't get home he will report it stolen and have him arrested.

This is not normal behavior.

I'm sorry to hi-jack Jane - I didn't mean to.

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