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No kids here either. That was one of the questions I asked when I first began this "what's the point if I have nobody to pass it all on to?" I was told to do it for the fun, for the art-work, for the joy of working with pretty things, for myself. So I did.

Sometimes I have dry periods. That's OK, I just do something else until the mojo comes back: making candles, soap, interior decorating.

Those gift albums that are bugging you so much - put them away, out of sight. In the loft or cellar. They are probably sapping your emotional energy.

Why not make cards with all the pretty things you have? There are such beautiful creations out there on Pinterest and in the Gallery. There are challenges and contests that might rekindle your inspiration, and cards are for giving away, not cluttering up your home. They are quick, easy and satisfying. Operation Write Home will take them, and you'd be doing something really worth-while.

If even the thought of that bothers you, then absolutely box everything up and revel in the new-found clear space. Do something else instead, something you love. Above all, be happy.

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