Username Post: Total loss of mojo....
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I think we all go through "blue funks" as my dad used to call them! I really, really hope you are feeling better. I work on my albums for me! I know my kids will get them when I'm gone, but I really don't think they will treasure them like I do. By then, I will be in heaven and I won't care! Why don't you take a day trip to somewhere around your town? Sometimes seeing something through different eyes helps me. We are all here for you! Sometimes I scrap silly things, like a new dish I cook. I guess the worst thing I've done is a street sign! It was funny because the streets crossed each other and the street names were the names of 2 friends. I am easily amused, though! I scrap my dogs, my cats, my cars, books I read, a new piece of furniture, a great Goodwill find and occasionally my family. Hope you are able to see things in a new light soon!

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