Username Post: Round Robin April - We are in Week 3!
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Starting Inspiration:

Gallery Link

Optional Twist: Use this color scheme

(Sorry about the huge images - I don't know a way to post them any smaller.)

Team 1
Week 1: Nicole (scraphappynicole)
Jewel Stole our Hearts By Scraphappynicole

Week 2: Chris (Charris449)
Grave Sites By Charris449

Week 3: Jeannie (dollscrap)
Week 4: Sandra (sasload04)

Team 2
Week 1: Amanda (scrapanda)
I love special moments with you By Scrapanda

Week 2: Corky (under5feet)
Sweet Lovely Girl By Under5feet

Week 3: Pam (Pam in TX)
Week 4: Artesha (arteshamac)

Team 3
Week 1: Lyn (justLyn)
Mommy Are you sure about this guy? By JustLyn

Week 2: Mary (GMFTS)
Easter 1956 By GMFTS

Week 3: Karen (TexasMomOf4)
Week 4: Courtney (newtoscrapping2011)

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