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Welcome to the monthly SMASH Book Challenge for April 2014.

This is a monthly challenge to help those who want to work on their Smash Books & need some ideas & inspiration.

Topic 1: What’s new? – Have you bought something new? How about tried a new recipe? Smash about anything new in your life this month.

Topic 2: 10 things to be thankful for List 10 things you are thankful for this month. Use pictures as appropriate. If you have more than 10, by all means- list them all

Topic 3: Flowers Represent SPRING- Any flowers you see- take a photo & smash it. Even if you have to take a photo of some in a flower shop

Topic 4: Good deed I want to prompt you to find ways to pay it forward- do something for someone without expecting anything in return. Write about it in your smash book. Use photos if they apply. Did you clean out your closet & donate the items to charity? Then that counts. Did you open the door for someone as they were carrying things in the building? Any act of kindness counts.

Do all the topics or just one- it’s up to you. No rules- just inspiration to SMASH

Most of all, have fun, share as much or as little as you want, give positive feedback & leave as we all need some of that about our work.

No sign-up necessary- just jump right in

Please let us know the name you like to be called if it isn't in your signature block.

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. On the right-hand side under the small icons of your gallery, click on ‘Embed'.
3. When the pop up window opens, click on 'IMG code' button. Choose a larger size if you’d like.
4. Copy and paste the code which starts [url...] into the forum thread and tell us which TOPIC you are posting for.

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Edit Image' tab at the top on the left side of the layout.
3. Scroll down to the bottom left side.
4. Check the box that says, ‘Allow Public Embedding’.
+you can also check the box at the time you upload as well & save having to edit.

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Topic 1:


Topic 2:

1. 10 Things I'm Thankful for By Charris449

2. Thankfull page for smash book By Scrappinglyn

3. Grateful For My Crazy Life By Lcmemories


Topic 3:

1. Welcome Spring By Charris449

2. spring page By Scrappinglyn


Topic 4:


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