Username Post: What material are these made from?
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Vicki and Aquabunny......we have had a lot of these types of posts lately. I went to a product page and scrolled down. At the bottom the reader can click on the following: "Start a discussion or ask others about this product." This starts a new topic in the forum. I don't know if it links the product, but I'm suspecting that it doesn't.

Thanks for the explanation. The galling part is that it seems like they don't even come back to see answers to their questions - if they did, surely they'd see that we're asking questions right back.

Ohhhhhhhhhj, well that could be fixed so that when they click "start a discussion" it at least puts the name of the product in the topic line!

Yes In shopping online their are sites where you can do an online chat. If they expect instant gratification......not happening here. I have been getting a little frustrated that I try to help someone and I have no clue if they see it.

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