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I'd like to offer few places to begin your "scrap journey".....

First and foremost, Rule Number One.

There Is No WRONG!!!

Your pages are just that - YOUR pages. This isn't a race, it's a journey....a journey towards capturing memories and moments that are important to YOU!

Whether you scrap in chronological order, or scrap what pics the mood strikes. Whether you're a fan of simplicity, or you must have the latest and greatest...

It's YOUR work. Be proud of it!

There IS The Janitor's Rule #2, tho. Don't Bleed on the Bazzill . If you cut yourself. Which of course I never do.

There are a couple of useful pages on the site to help you get started. In the Superstore, there's a list of suggested items:

Beginners Page

Even if you don't purchase these specific items, it's a good quick reference for what you need to get going!

A more in-depth look at essentials is found in this great article by Jill:

Essentials List

Not only what you may need, but WHY....

There are also a couple of spots around the neighborhood that you might find helpful in getting around, as well:

New Users Forum

My Place Tutorial

So, sit back, explore, and enjoy your journey! There's no such thing as a silly question - and your neighbors are here to help!

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