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  • Anonymous on 09-30-06 04:39 PM

    In response to El Kady

I'm still here and still scrapping! There's just nothing else to do in Nebraska as far as I'm concerned. I'm not a Husker fan so I don't care about it. (I suppose that's sacreligious or something, but hey, that's the way the ball bounces)

I saw a new store in Omaha called Yesterday's something. I have to go up to the oral surgeon near there on Birch so we went the wrong way, and there it was. Didn't go in because I didn't have time. It and Archivers are just too far to travel to on any type of daily basis or weekly.

I've been to the scrapbook store in Gretna. It was pretty good. And the one up near Office Depot on 72nd is new and was okay. Michaels and HL are close enough for me to get to on a daily basis.

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