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  • Kate3 on 04-21-07 05:26 AM

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Sam, my condolences to you and your family on the loss of your dad.

Gary, yes, I was wondering what "store" you were talking about too... Good luck with that endeavor! But I hope your postings here don't come as infrequently as mine do!

Nicole - Trey is just beautiful!! You looked fab in that picture too. Glad to hear that you are back home & all's well!

I am hoping to make it to the 19th. My ds's b-day is the 21st & we have not finalized plans for that, plus the baseball play-off schedule is not up yet, so I have to wait to say definitely yes...

Christine - congrats on getting your project done! It's a good feeling to have something big like that behind you.

Welcome, Paige!

And congrats on becoming a Creative Mem. rep, Liz -- good luck making it work for you over the next 90 days!!

Rena - hope you are back to feeling good. Especially in time for this beautiful weekend!

Hope all you Peaches enjoy the next couple of pretty days & get to spend some time outside in it! I know I will!

Talk soon!

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