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Vivian loves BLING
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Vivian loves BLING

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Hi, I'm Vivian, easy to remember as it's my userid too.

I've been scrapping for many years now but find that I like the clean, simple look best. Not only do they show off the pictures better but they're faster to make, too.

I'm 42 and live with my dh and 14 yo son. Our dd and her dh and two sons live on the front half of our property. You'll see lots of pix of them and my sister's twins (niece and nephew). We have a bunch of animals, some I don't want to think about (son's snakes and other creepy crawlies).

My goal for this year is get 1,000 layouts done. I hope to start "professionally" scrapping for others and doing classes for charity and some for profit.

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