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Taste of Italy - Benvenuti!
5 people per category ~ one 6 x 6 page for each recipe. Due date is October 30.

No beverage groups, because we all know the only beverage with a great Italian meal is ~vino~

Color theme will be red, green and white. Please use quality paper ~ no bright ~

Recipe must be computer printed or typed for readability. NO HANDWRITTEN recipes. I will not swap your recipes if they arrive handwritten. I’m not trying to be mean, but not everyone can read someone else’s writing.

These must be embellished at least twice. I’m not going to set rules on techniques, as I would like to leave people the freedom to be creative. However, I’ve listed some techniques below to give you some ideas. I expect good quality work, that shows that you put some thought into it. Only send out things you'd like to receive in return remember if you wouldn't use it neither will anyone else!

You do not need to mail your own. Please mail in envelope/box that can be reused or include one. Send as much postage as it took to mail + a couple extra stamps. When you're ready to go postal, PM me for my addy. If you are in more than one of my recipe swaps, you may mail them in one package.

Due date will be October 30th. Thanks for playing

========================= ======================
Book 1---*FULL*
========================= ======================
1. Hostess:TBA
2. Sassy101:Italian Stuffed Mushrooms
3.dixiecorngirl:Mary's To Die for garlic cheese bread
4.Munchkins Momma pepperoni bread.
5. Jessica M: artichoke bruschetta

Main Course---*FULL*
1. Munchkins Momma
2. scrappin4myboyz: potato gnocchi
3.dixiecorngirl: Mary's homemade spaghetti sauce
4. Jessica M: spinach and cheese manicotti!
5. Tweety: Mozzarella Chicken Marsala

1. Hostess:
2. Jessica M: roasted garlic scalloped potatoes
3. Tweety: Very Easy Risotto
4. Munchkins Momma
5. dixiecorngirl:

1. Hostess:Panna Cotta With Fresh Berries
2. scrappin4myboyz: espresso biscotti
3. Jessica M: tiramisu
4. Tweety: Italian Love Cake
5. Munchkins Momma

========================= ======================
Book 2---*FULL*
========================= ======================
1. Hostess:TBA
2.shaqpuppy Awesome Meatballs - Link
3. Tweety: Italian Sausage Mushrooms
4. Nicole L.: Prosciutto with honeydew
5. Carad13: Antipasto Skewers.

Main Course---*FULL*
1. Carad13: Chicken Scallopini
2. dogparent: Spaghetti Pie
3. time2scrp: Eggplant Rollatini - Link
4. shaqpuppy Chicken Parmesan - Link
5. Nicole L.: Spinach-Artichoke Ravioli-Lasagna

1. Hostess:
2. dogparent: Vesuvius Tomatoes
3. shaqpuppy Pasta Alfredo - Link
4. Nicole L.: Vegetable Gratin
5. Carad13: Orzo, Tomato and Zucchini Toss

1. Hostess:TBA
2. time2scrp: Amaretti Ice Cream Dessert -
3. shaqpuppy Italian Cream Cake - Link
4. Nicole L.: Cannoli
5. Carad13: Olive Gardens Lemon Cream Cake

========================= ======================
Book 3---FULL
========================= ======================

1. Hostess:
2. Lunchlady: Creamy Caesar Salad
3. Tweety: Italian Ranch Chicken Strips
4. scrappinresp04:Peppy Provolone Slices
5. Hostess: TBA

Main Course---*FULL*
1. Hostess:
2. Lunchlady:Fettucini with Pink Sauce
3 Robin's Spirit:Lasagna
4. Tweety: Italian Breaded Pork Chops
5. scrappinresp04:Three Chesse Manicotti

1. Hostess:
2. Lunchlady: Ravioli Pasta Salad
3. Robin's Spirit:Garlic Mashed Potatoes
4. Tweety: Pesto Pasta
5. scrappinresp04:Ricotta Stuffed Squash

ONLY 4 in this group1. Hostess: TBA
2. Tweety: Strawberry Tiramisu Trifle
3. scrappinresp04:Italian Love Cake
4. Hostess: TBA

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