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Yeah..we have 7 of us.
That seems like a good group size.
In our group:

1.Jill - scrappin4myboyz
2.Marcia - marciaray
3.addicted 2 kellyc
4.Elizabeth - peachie beth
6.Jo - texlady
7.Jessica - lovestoscrap3000

If everyone could please PM me your address and phone number (we don't want any CJ's to disappear).

Start thinking about your CJ. What you want included. Start buying or making your books.

I am thinking about a 15th of the month mailing...and starting the first mailing on March 15th. That gives everyone a little over a month to get theirs made. How does that sound to everyone? Let me know if anyone is going to need more time. As soon as I get addy's I'll make up our rounding list.

Thanks ladies for participating. I am really looking forward to this.


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