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Hi Helene!! I love your gallery! I think am the only person on at the moment, since it is 2:58 a.m. here. I am certain Bev will be back in touch with you shortly.

Great lo Melissa!!

Wendy, this can really take over your life. I find it to be very therapeutic, although I still get in slumps now and again. Your goals are terrific. I need to take hold of that "creative" budget goal, and make that my own.

Ok, to answer the questions:

1. What your favorite scrapping styles, materials, techniques are: I have a bit of a grungy style I think, kind of shabby, which I hope leans toward "chic". I like for things to be layered. My photos tend to touch and overlap, and I often do multi pic layouts. When I began this obsession, oops I mean hobby, I started out with 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbooks, because they were so much less expensive, and the pages are easier to scan. Then, when I discovered digital, it was easier to print out in the size too, so the majority of my pages are that size. The exception are my vacation pages, which I almost always do in 12 x 12.

2. Some materials or techniques you would like to try but haven't had the nerve yet.
I need to learn to use stamps . . . yes, really, every time I have ever tried to do any stamping it looks horrendous. I would like to do more doodling, and possibly get one of those doodling genies to help add interest to my pages. My goal would be to get an even more layered textured layout as a finished product.

3. Any specific suggestions you have for us to try as a group.
I'll just ditto anything anyone wants to do. I LOVE challenges, since they help keep me inspired. Lift challenges, sketch challenges, technique challenges are all fun.

I used to be involved in swaps quite a bit, and I really enjoy making things for people, especially a small group such as this one.

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