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AH Laura, you little devil, lol. I had to try very hard not to be hurt this year too. My hubby is the MOST thoughtful man on the earth, and this year, he just got overwhelmed with work.. and didn't get me even a card for Valentine's day. I did not let on at all that I was sad, because I know it was not intentional. He was so sad when he saw I had gotten him a rather nice present, and even our Daughters both got him something, and I made a lovely dinner. I have to look at it this way, there's been time where's he's gotten me something quite extravagent, and I'd gotten him something like socks, lol. So it all evens out (even though it's certainly not a contest!). This is me, rationalizing to myself, lol.

WELCOME Debbie Ann! We're so glad to have you, and I just know you're going to be a great contribution to our growing group! I'm sorry for your loss, I hope today goes by with only a few bittersweet memories!

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