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Hi Kell!!

Debbie, it sounds like you had a nice day yesterday. A crop sounds like fun. Can't wait to see the pages and projects you finish. I really like crops,although some days I do more visiting than creating pages.

Chelsea, good luck on your move!! Fifteen days of traveling is such a long time, even with a four day stop to see friends. Packing is always hard, but I can't imagine doing that and expecting a baby too. Take lots of rest breaks, and DON'T be lifting anything too heavy. Let us know just before you leave, and post when you get back so we will know you are ok.

Melissa and Bev, love your latest!!

I am trying to alternate between the digi pages and the real pages so I can get more done. I still haven't finished 2007 yet, so I am trying to do some of that and keep sort of current on 2008. Funny thing is that the digi pages will often take as long as the other ones do. I just don't have as big of a mess. I went back after printing out my Adore lo, and added real gitter to the digi glitter hearts, and they just pop off the page now. You can really see how much my little boy has changed when you compare the photo taken in 2005 to the one taken the other day.

Well, a storm woke me up, but I am going back to bed. Thanks for all the love on my pages girls!!

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