Username Post: Wondering how some of you have solved this dilemna
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I am working on a heritage album. I've read through the trads on here about it but I'm still stuck. If I were only going back a couple of generations it would be easy but I have to go back 6 to 10 generations. Not all in photos of course but in memorabilia as well. anyway I cant follow a direct line (as in Father, Gfather, GGgrandfather and so on)they obviously married and the women had parents and grandprents as well, so how do you keep adding in these splits of families for so many years. I'm looking at over 20 to 30 family names and I feel completely overwhelmed. Not to mention aunts uncles cousins to the inth degree! Is this making sense? Also take my Ggrandmother Lamb. She was a Milson and married a Lamb. Do I put her photos in Lamb or Milson or split them? younger ones with Milson's and older with Lambs? It just doesnt flow. Help I'm lost

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