Username Post: Wondering how some of you have solved this dilemna
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Thanks for all the great suggestions!!!
If you think about going farther than Granparents or even GGrandparents it just seems to balloon. 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 GG granparents, 32 GGG grandparents and so on. with multiple marriages after deaths and divorces it just grows and grows. Which is why I decided to work my mother and father seperately. I did do a family genealogy book and used family tree maker which was great for a text book. But does not design a good tree on paper. my tree, just going back 16 generations with 5 gens to a page is 39 pages. and I actually go back 23 gens. not on every line of course and photos dont go back very far but I would like to include the info as data sheets as well. I think I'm making it worse...LOL!!!

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