Username Post: Wondering how some of you have solved this dilemna
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I've got family trees going back over 10 generations and I'll be doing some albums at some point. I decided early on to work back and forward from my grandparents. Not sure why now but it's working for me. So all the ancestors leading up to my Grandfather will be in his album, etc. My thought is to have a paper tree at the start of the album...likely have to fold out somehow...then work back in a direct line from my grandparent's birth. Anything that is not directly connected to my grandparent (ie cousins, etc.) will get stored in an archive safe box with my grandparent's name and the album will have a note corresponding to the box so future generations can find the extra info. In the end I'll have 4 albums on my side and 4 albums on DH's side.

Grandparents forward will start with their birth and continue till I can no longer do and maintain albums.

one where a couple married and had children and a few generations later thier gggggrandchildren married. So i have a one set of gggggggrandparents twice. I dont know i'm so lost LOL!!!!
I've got that too...heck my own grandmother was her own 3rd cousin LOL

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